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How to get your project localized

When the new project is to be localized you have to perform a few consecutive steps:

To make your start easier we propose you to examine the following topics:

  1. Open the project in Delphi IDE.
  2. Ensure that the project can be compiled without errors.
  3. Select the “Localizer | Start project localization…” menu item.
  4. In the appeared dialog set the native language of your application and the folder to store the language files in. Leave “Add Localizer’s API” checkbox marked to let Localizer add necessary code to your application.
  5. Press “Localize my project!” button. Localizer starts to compile the application and creates all necessary files.

That’s all for the first time.

Note, that you need to refresh language files (“Localizer | Refresh language files” menu item) each time you are going to translate something or to deploy the application.


, 2017/05/11 14:48
can you explain the step by step process for how to add Easy query builder in Microsoft visual studio 2013
, 2017/05/11 16:10
EasyQuery cannot be added "in Visual Studio". You can apply it to your project. How exactly - depends on the particular type of project. Here you can find examples for different project types:

P.S. Why are you asking a question about EasyQuery on the page with the article about Localizer?
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