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Welcome to the Knowledge Base. Here you will find the documentaion related to our products: how-to manuals, FAQ, API-descriptions etc. Please use the “Read/Write Comments” link on every page to inform us about any imperfection in the article.

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General questions

Questions regarding product registration, update, latest releases download, etc.


Ad-hoc visual query builder for your applications

Use EasyQuery to provide a friendly user interface for advanced search and filtration of the data in your applications. Our components allow your users (or web-site visitors) get the information they need on their own, quickly and easily without any assistance from you or your support team.


Localization/globalization tool kit for Delphi projects

Localizer - is the most simple and easy way to internationalize your application. It takes only 20-30 minutes to apply Localizer to your existing Delphi project and make your program support as many languages as you (or your customers) wish. The support for additional languages can be added “on the fly”, without recompiling the project.