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User-friendly name for tables

Actually when users build queries with EasyQuery UI they do not work with tables and fields. Instead they operate with “entities” and their “attributes”. Each entity represents some object from real word e.g “Customer” or “Order”. Entity attribute is some property of such objects for example “Order date” or “Customer's first name”.

All entities and attributes are described in data model which can be created and then modified using Data Model Editor. Entity attributes are usually correspond to some fields but it is not obligatory since you can define “virtual attribute” which is represented by some expression.

For example attribute “Full customer name” can be represented as “Customer.FirstName + ' ' + Customer.LastName”. Both entities and attributes has Caption property which is shown to user when he/she defines conditions in QueryPanel control or columns in QueryColumnsPanel control. So it can be considered as that “user-friendly name” you asked for.


, 2015/09/22 17:53
How to set a user friendly name for table/Entities, i know we can set for attributes/columns but i don't find a place where i can change the table user friendly names..

Please advice
, 2015/10/15 17:29
You can't set "friendly" names for a tables in your model but it's possible to do it for entities.
Just open your model in Data Model Editor, then go to "Entities" tab, select necessary entity and change it's name in "Entity name" field in the right panel.
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