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Add columns and conditions by code

Here we suppose that our Query object is referenced as query1 and DataModel object as dataModel1.

 private void AddColumnsConditionsByCode() {
    EntityAttr attr;
    attr = dataModel1.EntityRoot.FindAttribute(EntityAttrProp.Expression , "Customers.Country");
    //create columns
    Column col;
    col = new DbColumn("Country", SortDirection.Ascending);
    col.Expr = new DbEntityAttrExpr(dataModel1, attr);
    attr = dataModel1.EntityRoot.FindAttribute(EntityAttrProp.Expression, "Orders.Freight");
    col = new DbColumn("Total sum", SortDirection.None);
    col.Expr = new DbAggrFuncExpr(dataModel1, "SUM", new DbEntityAttrExpr(dataModel1, attr));
    //create conditions
    //here we create condition object
    SimpleCondition cond = new DbSimpleCondition(dataModel1);
    //then we search for an entity attribute which will be used in the left side of condition
    attr = dataModel1.EntityRoot.FindAttribute(EntityAttrProp.Expression, "Orders.OrderDate");
    //after that we add found entity attribute as first (left side) expression of our condition
    cond.BaseExpr = new DbEntityAttrExpr(dataModel1, attr);
    //here we set an operator used in condition. In our case it will be  "is less than" (< symbol in SQL syntax)
    cond.Operator = dataModel1.Operators.FindByID("LessThan");
    //finally we set the rigth side expression which is some constant value in our case.
    cond.SetValueExpr(1, new ConstExpr(DataType.Date, "2005-01-01"));
    cond.ReadOnly = true;
    //when all parts of our condition are ready - we add it to query
    //here is more simple and quicker way to add a condition (same attribute, operator and value)
    query1.Root.AddSimpleCondition("Orders.OrderDate", "DateBeforePrecise", "2005-01-01");
     //generate SQL statement
     SqlQueryBuilder builder = new SqlQueryBuilder(query1);
     string sql = builder.Result.SQL;


, 2014/07/22 14:57
I have some question.
My database is dynamic.
I can add new column or delete existing column. So, I want to add this column to my "Model.xml"
I have Persons table. I want add new column to this table. How to do this?

Above code does not work...
, 2014/07/22 15:26
Please don't add your comments three times. They don't appear immediately because we manually check each comment before posting to prevent spam comments.
As for your question: where exactly that code does not work?
, 2014/07/22 15:27
By the way, since it's more a support request - it's better to move our conversation to email.
, 2014/10/08 16:40
How can you access the joins (table links) from dbQquery. We need to append a column in the select based on the link.


, 2014/10/28 09:29
Do you need to get information about all links in your model or only those once which were used in generated query?
Please contact us with your request via contact/support form on our web-site:
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