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Data Model Editor - Value Editors

You can select one of the following editors:

  • Auto: means that the most appropriate value editor will be used depending on entity attribute's data type and operator which used in condition. For example for date attribute - DataTime Picker control will be shown, for boolean one - the user will get an ability to select the value from the list of two items: False and True.
  • Text editor: the values will be edited in usual text box field. You can specify default value and type of edited data for this editor.
  • Date/time editor: query panel will sho date/time picker control for elements with such value editor.
  • List of constants: user will be prompted to select one (or more in case of using “is in list” operator) value from the list of available values. Values column stands for values accepted as the choice result (and actually inserted into SQL text); Text are corresponding text items displayed to user in the pop-up list.
  • Custom list: the same behaviour as in previous case but this editor does not allow you to enter the list itself. Insted you can specify the name for this list and fill it at-runtime in RequestList event handler of QueryPanel control.
  • SQL list: Similar to previous two options, but the list of available values is defined by some SQL query to database. First column of the resulting record set is interpreted as actual value which will be used in result SQL statement and the second one is used as captions (the text shown to user).
  • Custom: The programmer should provide the value editor for this field manually using special event in QueryPanel component. There is an auxiliary text field “Custom Data” where developer can enter any textual information and get access to it at run-time through CustomData property of any condition object.


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